March 2021 to April 2021

Spaceship Model

3D modeling & texturing

At a glance

To progress in Blender 3D we do a contest with some friends at the school. The idea was to create our own spaceship but in the Star Wars Universe. Come back later I will upgrade this project with more content like animation and other cool stuff ! In the meantime, I show you an old animation that a made in the same universe


Blender 3D




What I did

3D animation

Motion design

3D modeling

3D texturing

3D rendering

UI design

3D rendering for the first step of the project

Travel Mode - Front

Travel Mode - Back

Battle Mode - Front

Battle Mode - Back

Analysis · First Step

Having already done several times modeling during different projects. I wanted to learn how to master texturing.

My real challenge during this realization was to create my own textures on Photoshop to learn the OldSchool way of texturing. By doing this, I learned to control and understand the difficulties of this kind of exercise.

My next goal will be to learn how to render and control the colorimetry more before starting to do some animation

Story summary

The story begins when two rebels steal secret plans of the Black Star from a Sith. They try to escape from the base by borrowing the Millennium Falcon. Even under the influence of the force, they manage to escape and begin a journey through space to bring the plans back to the rebel headquarters.

Fan Film Star Wars

Lesson to be learned

If I make a self-evaluation by comparing my abilities on Blender at the beginning and at the end of the project.

I realise that I have a clear progression. I’m faster at modelling, I’m getting better at texturing environments and the renders are better as you can see at the end of the video.

I’ve figured out how to integrate actors into a 3D scene via After-Effect but next time I’m thinking of integrating them directly into the 3D scene to help give volume to the scene.

I still have a long way to go before I can deliver quality content but I feel ready to make the effort to get there.

I look forward to being able to present a 3D animation project to you again.

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