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I spend my time working out ⛹🏻‍♂️ and cooking yummy food 🍔 to share ... I always try to find my balance between these two

Also, I aim to perform and enjoy the tasks I am given, and I always seek to challenge myself by creating and exploring new ways to share my ideas and improve my understanding of design

myself through

In the course of our lives, many things contribute to who we are, here are some of mine

A game

«Leeroooooooooy Jenkins !»

Leroy · World Of Warcraft

A series

«Challenge accepted»

Barney Stinson · HIMYM

An anime

«Passion and dreams are like time, nothing can stop them and it will be so as long as there are men ready to give meaning to the word "freedom"»

Gol D Roger · One Piece

A movie

«You got the makings of greatness in you»

Silver · Treasure Planete

A software

«If you are new to Blender, then welcome !»

BlenderGuru · Blender

A book

«I’m not crazy about reality, but it’s still the only place to get a decent meal»

Ernest Cline · Ready Player One

My career path


Mar. 2022 · Oct. 2022


Looking for an internship

I’m currently looking for an Internship in VR/AR product design to conclude my Master 2 degree from March to October 2022

Jul. 2020 · Jan. 2021



Use of data to understand the users needs. Provide customised interfaces and experiences that suit the client’s needs. Work with project manager and developer

Jul. 2019 · Oct. 2019 



Develop my skills in graphic design trought creation of web banner, print and motion. Taught me to work in a team, from the first sketches to the final result.


2021 · 2022

VR & AR engineering

MTI3D · Master 2

Interactive 3D technologies in connection with the professional world. Access to the most modern computer equipment and Virtual Reality interfaces

2020 · 2022

Design School

Digital Design Lab · Master 1 & 2

Materialisation of the digital via physical interfaces and connected objects or the design of immersive environments for virtual reality.

2017 · 2020

Design School

EDNA · Bachelor’s degree

Design of websites, mobile and tablet applications, innovative services, graphic user interfaces, connected objects, tactile, gestural and vocal interfaces, etc.

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